The 31th. international Vestjysk Box Cup 2018

Vestjysk Box Cup - facts

This year VBC was held for the 30th time

The event is always held the second weekend in December

VBC 2018 is held on 7th-9th December

Last year saw the participation of more than 120 boxers

Participation in 2018 cost DKK 200 per. boxer with the possibility of additions such as catering

referees have free entry

Vestjysk box cup is a major international boxing tournament. Over the years, it has become a very significant tournament, with the participation of beginners as well as elite boxers from many different countries, which apart from Denmark include countries such as: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, England etc.

The tournament is generally held the second weekend in December. In 2018, it is held from the 7th to 9th of December, so be sure to book this weekend in your calendar!!!!!!

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Phone: +45 40 57 36 42

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Remember last registration is 1st of december

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